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Grammer Solar is a manufacturer of sensors Solar Air from nearly 40 years in Germany. Our products provide ventilation, heating, domestic hot water in buildings from the sun’s free energy as a substitute for conventional energy (Gas, Fuel, electricity). There are many applications in the residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and also for drying and hot air. Through its flagship 100% autonomous residential sector the « compact TwinSolar » www.twinsolar.fr, the development prospects are strong in France and worldwide. Grammer Solar for the development of its network of research partners installers and distributors in France.

German manufacturer of Solar Air sensor 100% Independent

Ce que vous vendez

Grammer-solar installers find partners specialized in the sector of renewable energy in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
Air Products solar-are little known and provide solutions to all buildings communities. A presentation of the products to the technical services responsible or sustainable communities for their to discover hundreds of facilities that have been operating for 35 years with their German counterparts.

Ce que vous recherchez

We would like to meet: – Specialists in renewable energy – Consultants and Architects – Technical Services Community – Sustainable Development Manager of Commons – Installers and development of renewable energy

Mots clés

  • Environment / ecology
  • Agribusiness / food sector

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