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ollieuChâteau Ollieux Romanis

RD 613 11200 Montseret France
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The Château Ollieux Romanis is located in the village of Montséret, in the heart of the Boutenac wine area. Our family settled in the middle of the 19th century and started already producing wine. The 75 ha vineyard benefits from a very privileged exposure (south, southeast). Nowadays we produce 400000 bottles with a golden rule: respect for nature. For 10 years already we haven’t used any pesticides and have our own compost. The sincerity of native grape varieties, added to freshness and elegance are the key words of our philosophy. Our passion for wine anf or our land makes the estate evolves toward a quality process which includes the modernization of the winery without taking away anything of the spirit of authenticity of Ollieux Romanis.

Wines from Corbières and Corbières Cru Boutenac Area

Ce que vous vendez

we are specialised in the production and vinification of high quality wines in Corbières and Corbières Boutenac : white, rosé and red wines. we are looking for partners especially on the on trade segment, interested in selling our wines in Germany. We benefit in France from a high recognition by press and journalists and by stars restaurants and we have won a lot of medals in the different quality segments we have.

Ce que vous recherchez

we are looking partners lie : Weinlaeden, Restaurants, Fachhandel, Cash & Carry…

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