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bimpProduction Functional Factory

132 rue Pierre Simon du Marquis de Laplace, PAE de Mercorent 34500 Béziers France
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We are a French company located in the south of France developping and preparing the launching of a new and innovative product in the bike field. We offer a new way to inflate tires, forks and shock absorbers thanks to a rechargeable capsule which can be refilled with the bike energy. A complete rupture on the air compressed field! We are looking for distributors and partners as Germany is our first one target market.


Ce que vous vendez

We offer an innovative accessory for bikes that allows to refill a capsule with air compressed thanks to the energy of the bike. It is a rupture on the bike market and the air compressed field as we are the first one who reached to miniaturize a 40 bars compressor and provide a rechargeable and independent air capsule.

Ce que vous recherchez

We are looking for international distributors and financial partners for the launching of our product in 2015. We are also looking for some general advice to reach the German Market with our innovation.

Coopération recherchée

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Investment project
  • Technical cooperation / technology transfer
  • Other, please specify Distributors


Mme Nancy Aghilone


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